About Ashwini Singh & Associates

Ashwini Singh & Associates (ASA) is a leading law firm in Chhattisgarh, providing you with legal assistance and solutions in all the areas of our practice.

Ashwini Singh laid the corner stone of ASA in the year 2007 and ever since has been managing the firm with a team of adroit, articulate and oratorical professionals, along with his independent practice as a litigator. He is in-house counsel for some big corporates and is associated as legal advisor with 30+ banks and NBFCs in toto.

ASA’s area of practice stretches from Corporate laws, Financial laws, Electricity & Energy laws, Matrimonial laws, Banking, Mining, Telegraph Regulations, Criminal matters to Commercial and other Civil trials & suits.

ASA with its dedicated team of professionals, firmly believes that a lawyer's understanding should not be confined to the understanding of the law only but also the specific dynamics of the client's business.

Therefore, the ASA's objective is to offer proactive rather than reactive services to the client.